Hotel Residencies & Music for Lounge Bars & Restaurants

Bossa Basseline has incomparable experience in performing live music for both long-term and short-term Hospitality Trade bookings in Jersey.

Our Residency Services include: 
Discounted rates for hospitality trade residencies. 

A diverse musical repertoire, designed to appeal to a wide age-range, and performers who read the room and play the most appropriate tunes for their audience. 
Unique, talented musicians and a refreshingly different instrumental sound.

Repertoire that can be tailored to special events including:

  • Christmas & New Year's Eve
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Liberation Day
  • Jazz & Vintage events

Musicians who are friendly and approachable, who are happy to play requests and  who generate positive feedback for your entertainment programme .
A range of acts who take up minimal space and set-up time:

  • The Bossa Basseline Duo, featuring the velvet sound of
    Tenor Saxophone & Guitar
  • The Solo Guitarist, featuring Jersey's most accomplished fingerstyle Guitarist
  • The Latin Trio, The Jazz Trio & The Jazz Quartet
  • and, if your venue has a piano, The Solo Pianist
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Tel: 01534 486514
Mob: 07797 764406

We generate fantastic feedback for your venue:

'The musicians in the dining room were excellent'.
Tripadvisor, 2019

'My wife & I enjoyed your performance immensely, as well as
your choice of songs. Really hit the sweet spot'
Email from hotel dinner guest, 2019

'Entertainment is also worthy of a mention, the piano player/guitarist
in the restaurant has the volume to perfection.'
Tripadvisor, 2019

'We enjoyed the live music, the duo really added to the atmosphere...the man playing saxophone sounded like Stan Getz.
They even played 'happy birthday' when the cake was brought to
our table, a lovely touch'.
Tripadvisor, 2019

'The duo playing live in the background were unobtrusive and
added to the occasion.'
Tripadvisor, 2018

'In the evenings, music was played which was an absolute delight.'
Tripadvisor, 2018

'Thank you so much for entertaining us with your musical talents at dinner during our stay!'
Greeting card from guests Paul & Natasha, 2017

'Many thanks for all your good music. You were magnificent!'
Email from hotel guest, 2017

'We saw you both 5 years ago...we're coming back to Jersey and just wondered if you have any performances would be a lovely surprise for John's birthday if we happened to be passing!'
Email from guests, 2017

'Many thanks for all of your hard work this year and keeping our
guests entertained - keep up your amazing work, we have
received great feedback!'
Email from Hotel Manager, 2016

'The Jazz Trio in the bar were excellent, well worth sharing
a bottle of wine over!'
Tripadvisor, 2013